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Our Favorite Holiday Memes

Tis the Season to be Memey (Sorry)

The holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, various other crazy holidays we're not familiar with) can be a stressful time.  Be it the pressure that comes from finding the perfect gift (we recommend meme shirts - not necessarily because they're the perfect gift but because we make money off of them) or the crippling anxiety that comes along with insane family get-togethers, it's easy to lose sight of the true meaning of the holiday season.  Rather than get any further into that, we think it's probably more important to review our favorite holiday themed memes and get some real enjoyment out of the season.

Anyone that has ever worked retail is aware of the unique hell that is Christmas music season.  Have you ever really liked a song and then proceeded to listen to it on repeat all day every day for an entire month?  No?  Well then you've never experienced retail Christmas music season.

There's really nothing funny about a nicely cooked turkey unless you compare it to disabled war veterans - then it's pure comedy!

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Meme Shirt Sale

Finally, Meme Shirts For One And All

Good news!  In honor of the Christmas season, we've marked down our custom meme shirts from $15 to $12!

Nothing says "Christmas Spirit" (or Hanukkah, or Kwanza, or whatever isn't going to offend you) like a high quality cotton meme t-shirt.  

No, seriously.

OK, maybe not.  But regardless of how Christmasy a meme printed on a t-shirt might be, $12 is still a great deal.  Perhaps you're looking for the perfect gift for that weird guy down the street that might be into this sort of thing, or maybe that coworker who never knows how to dress appropriately on casual Friday.  Maybe you yourself are that guy.

If by some stretch of the imagination you actually do have someone in mind that would love to get a meme shirt, we've got Business Cat ShirtsDrunk Baby ShirtsJoseph Ducreux Shirts (our personal favorite), Not Sure If Fry ShirtsSkeptical Third World Child Shirts, and Success Kid Shirts.

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Deep Dreaming With Memes

Deep Memeing?

Deep Dream - the bizarre artificial intelligence algorithm that Google uses to sort the images that it indexes - has run its psychedelic course on everything from the Mona Lisa to scenes from the movie Interstellar.  For the uninitiated, Deep Dream analyzes the composition of an image and attempts to detect similarities to other images that it's already familiar with.  It's the same technology that allows Google to show you pictures of similar dogs, or automatically tag you in photos.  It turns out, if you train the algorithm with a set of images and then continuously let it analyze the same image over and over again while enhancing whatever it identifies, you get some pretty weird results.  Pretty cool, right?

In the tradition of the internet, we wanted to take this awesome piece of technology and do something completely useless with it, so we Deep Dreamed some memes.  Is it useful?  Not even a little bit.  But, the results are entertaining.  The algorithm seems to really like finding dogs in memes which does make some sense as many memes do have animals in them.  

Below are some of our favorites.  

And It's Gone

Annoying Childhood Friend

Awkward Moment Seal

Deep Dream found what appear to be mice behind the Awkward Moment Seal meme.

Baby Godfather

Apparently Baby Godfather is part canine / part goose.

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The 6 Best Bad Luck Brian Memes

Poor Guy

If you’re a meme fan, you know Bad Luck Brian. The poor nerdy guy who pretty much has the worse luck out there - and is totally either relatable or completely bizarre.

We found the 10 most epic Bad Luck Brian memes on the internet today and are very excited to share them and all of their awkwardness with you.

The typical look of these memes is what you will be seeing in most of these. The purple background that clashes perfectly with the red plaid sweater vest and hilarious situations that convey all of Brian’s bad luck.

The meme became famous back in 2012 on Reddit and is still found all over the internet today.

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