The 6 Best Bad Luck Brian Memes

Poor Guy

Posted October 20, 2015

If you’re a meme fan, you know Bad Luck Brian. The poor nerdy guy who pretty much has the worse luck out there - and is totally either relatable or completely bizarre.

We found the 10 most epic Bad Luck Brian memes on the internet today and are very excited to share them and all of their awkwardness with you.

The typical look of these memes is what you will be seeing in most of these. The purple background that clashes perfectly with the red plaid sweater vest and hilarious situations that convey all of Brian’s bad luck.

The meme became famous back in 2012 on Reddit and is still found all over the internet today.

1. For the fortune cookie lover

If you’ve ever gotten a fortune cookie that made you feel pretty awesome about life, be careful.

Sometimes trusting and enjoying these fortunes may not be the bed idea, especially if you have chronic bad luck syndrome.

I’ll think twice next time I pocket the fortune about fortune and longevity.

2. For the lactose intolerant, allergic to everything kids

You either are one of these people or your friends with one. You know, those people who basically live off of tums and their epi pens.

This is basically there luck, since you know, their allergic to everything else anyway. As if milk, peanuts, honey, sunshine and grass isn’t enough to try to avoid.

3. For the Apple Fans

As many times as Siri may have been sarcastic or just plain stupid, she’s normally pretty good with her jokes.

If you’ve ever opened the camera to your self on the front camera in all of your double chin glory, you know this look can be quite funny and humiliating.

4. For the college student

Bad Luck Brian isn’t alone on this - however, it’s happened to you, the irony was real, right?

Talk about wasted time.

5. For the adults who hate adulting

You’ve probably played the game before where you try to get an even number on the gas pump. Being an adult has its perks, paying for gas to get to boring places like work, isn’t one of them.

The game makes it a little less painful. That is - if it doesn’t cost you for a few cents of overdraft.

Go figure, am I right? Bad Luck Brian knows. Oh, he knows.

6. For those who need something good to come from their suffering

As much bad luck as Bad Luck Brian has suffered, he did find some fame from his hilarious memes.